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Check out our 2018 album "Healing Process"



Singer/songwriter/guitarist Matt Demko, had a musical fire burning deep within… and he needed help pulling it out. On a whim, he decided to contact guitarist/producer, Rob Arnold. And with that phone call, the "Healing Process" began…. From RobArnoldWorld Studio, in Cleveland, Ohio, Matt and Rob set out to create what would become an ode to the grungy hard rock style of the late 90's, but with a modern twist. Soaring vocals, classic songwriting, serenading guitars, pocket percussion, and a sleek production, were all ingredients used to construct The Disasters debut album, "Healing Process". Over the span of 3+ years, Matt & Rob worked meticulously, crafting songs from a single riff or melody, building section upon section, while collaborating in every way by trading instruments, hopping on and off the drum kit, discussing lyrics & vocal patterns, and never easing up, until everything felt right. The result is an eclectic collection of hard rock compositions, designed for you to bang your head to, and fall in love with.

Rob Arnold

Matt Demko

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