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adrien ruiz
Feb 11, 2022
In Introduce Yourself!
Hello guys Let me introduce myself: my name is Adrien, i live in France and i’m a fan of Chimaria since 2005. What makes me come in this forum is my passion for this band. This music group has change my live in a very difficult time when I was in depression because of a close friend who passed away. I’ve discovered the group with the impossibility of reason and Eponyme’s album thanks to a friend. I don’t know how to say this, but their music helped me to face a lot of difficulties in my life, especially in very bad moments. I’ve got lucky to seem them twice in 2007 and 2009’s concerts and they were the best of all I went in my opinion! 😁 In 2009’s concert, i was in front of Rob with my arms on the main stage. Besides, I’ve got fun memories about those concerts (I can confirm Andols likes French Fries). I’ve got a lot of passions like music, practicing guitar since 2006. Rob was a huge source of inspiration for me because I looked every stuff he had on his videos, the settings he used and also a friend has been able to be on the main stage to see his pedalboard and his amplifiers. I’m also very passionate about movies theaters, videos games, Information Technology and many others things. I guess I’ve told you a lot about myself and i will happy to share more with you guys. If i had a final word, it will be this one: I dream of a brand new album and also a new global tour because I feel a little disappointment since the founders have left the band. I will be infinitely thankful for all they’ve provided to me! and i hope someday i will do the same for you as you did for me Thanks from the bottom of my heart!
adrien ruiz

adrien ruiz

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