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May 11, 2022
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Y’all, maybe we can post our favorite BDM moment or show memory. I discovered the black dahlia murder when it was cool to listen to music on the tv! Those super high channels with different genres lol it was a song from unhallowed and I was fkn HOOKED, maybe 6th grade. fav concert was the miasma tour at some dirty metal club in deep ellum. never partied so hard before. Lost a shoe and everything. heres to Trevor, his family, and bandmates 🍻 ”to my brothers who’ve fallen before me, I will walk with you again”
May 05, 2022
In Introduce Yourself!
Hey y'all! My name is Taylor and I'm an audio professional from Dallas, TX. Went to school for recording, currently have a full time position designing audio systems for shows/conventions/general sessions around the US, and also part time A2ing in televised sports.... Let's Go Mavs! Been on the fence for a while about joining but I'm super stoked I'm here. What tipped me over was Rob's video demystifying a floyd rose setup. I've been playing since I was an early teenager and that trem always scared me! lol I was recently fortunate enough to be in a position in which I could add a guitar to the collection and dang it if it wasn't a floyd equipped ESP E-II Arrow! PLAYS LIKE BUTTA! (In drop C too, no less!) Anyways I'm a die hard metal head and I've loved Chimaira for as long as I can remember! Rob, dude, your videos are great. The tone, the riffs, the demeanor, everything inspires me to play every day. Can't wait to walk this metal path with everyone here! Pictures are of my 2022 First Place Chili Cookoff Award, My LP and Boogie Setup, and my home studio where I WFH, Mix, Record, etc! Love Y'all!
Greetings from Dallas, TX! content media


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