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Pictures of our guitars! 🎸
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Jack Krolo
Dec 20, 2020
Here are some of my favorite electrics! This is the same pic I shared on the Patreon community page, but I’d be happy to elaborate on any of the specs or include more photos if for some reason anyone wants to see/hear more. I’ll just touch on my newest guitar... the Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594! I picked up this bad boy in July after months of searching for “the one” lol. I have actually been saving up for a “dream” guitar for years but never really knew exactly what make/model I wanted. Once I did some serious homework I knew this was the model I wanted and found this gem on Reverb. Here are the main specs but like I said, feel free to ask for more detail! Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594 Wood Library Quilted maple top in river blue, mahogany body and neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard PRS phase III locking tuners, bone nut, PRS 58/15LT pickups with push pull tone controls for coil tapping I like to play a variety of genres and this guitar just covers it all- yes even metal- I promise you! The neck is...thiccc... very round and full feeing in your hand. It gives you superior control over bends or when you have to jump quickly from one area of the neck to another. The thickness honestly doesn’t slow you down but it does take a short time to acclimate to the way it feels if you’re used to playing on super thin necks with a high radius. Thats’s it for now, I’m just happy to add to this forum in its infancy stage to help get the ball rolling!
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Jack Krolo

Jack Krolo

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