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Cal Strickland
May 01, 2022
In General Discussions
With the tab making an appearance (thank you guys!) I thought I’d use it to fill in what I couldn’t figure out by ear, and ended up recording a full effort of Implements of Destruction, so take a look if you fancy! It’s far from professional, with some syncing (and playing) errors in there as well as generally poor tone and sound, but that’s what I get with a practice amp, an iphone and a free editing app 🤣 at least i had my RA-600 to make the best of things 🤘🏼 You may have to copy and paste the link.
Cal Strickland
Feb 05, 2022
In General Discussions
What up guys 🤘🏼 I’m new here and loving it so far! After checking out a few of the tabs, i wanted to sit and try and learn a full song for the first time in a long time, so here‘s my attempt at Chimaira’s pleasure in pain if you’d like to give it a watch 👊🏼 (And if youtube lets people in other countries view it) ps i’m only capable of very amateurish video production so apologies for the less than professional audio 🤣 Looking forward to trying some other full songs!
Pleasure in pain cover content media
Cal Strickland

Cal Strickland

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